EKITI DECIDES: Who wears the crown?

Election will always come and go, but the impact of whom was elected on the ballot is of importance not only to the populace but to the unborn generation. As the decisions will make today, help in shaping the way to live tomorrow. 

Elections day is a special day, to decide who mounts the seat of the citizen as the comptroller general of state funds and in turn development, it then depends on the choice of who gets there and who can fix the issues faced daily by the people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, former President of the United States once said, "Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting", this piece of advice to the American people then, is as fresh to the good people of Ekiti state in whom destiny and time have bestowed upon to choose before them choices of vibrant men, and women who have shown interest to become the Governor of Ekiti state after the tenure of the incumbent, Dr. Kayode Fayemi whose tenure will end October 18, 2022.

Among aspirants jostling for the top seat is, Biodun Oyebanji popularly known as BAO, the candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Bisi Kolawole, popularly known as Bisi kay flying the Peoples Democratic Party, and Former Governor Segun Oni the flag bearer of the Social Democratic Party.

Accordingly, the decision to vote is certainly bequeathed on the people's choice, but sometimes the same choices can be induced by the influence of money, traditional leaders, families, and social group, but one thing stands sure, the will of the people always prevail at the poll.

If we don't vote, we are ignoring history and giving away the future. - Pat Mitchell


Briefly, here are the chances of the top aspirants who are hoping to become the announced winner of the Ekiti gubernatorial election.

Biodun Oyebanji

Biodun Oyebanji hails from Ikogosi-Ekiti, he was the Secretary to the State Government under the Incumbent Governor Fayemi before showing interest in contesting for the top seat. He is believed to have enjoyed the support of Governor Kayode Fayemi. Aside from the power of incumbency, which over the years has not worked in Ekiti state gubernatorial election since the Fayose, Oni, and Fayemi-led administration, one will hope history will not repeat itself or a jinx will be broken.

You will recall, no Governor has returned a straight win in Ekiti state after their first term in office, and also no Governor as got their respective favorite candidate elected after their term in office, this election will see to the history.

The candidate of the APC has a higher chance of winning, due to the upcoming 2023 general elections in which the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the Presidential Flag bearer of the party. Tinubu is always praised to have singlehandedly controlled the block vote of the Southwest, In this fact, he will have to prove with the election, that he will not stand to lose to protect his chances before and during the general election. 

Tinubu is acclaimed as the highest politician in the southwest due to his antecedent, prowess, and successful winning streak for his proteges.

Oyebanji will garner the votes of the youths, women, and elderly due to her choice of running mate, Mrs. Monisade Afuye

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Bisi Kolawole

Bisi Kolawole is the candidate of the People's Democratic Party, he was a former commissioner for environment under the Fayose-led administration. He is said to enjoy Fayose support but has a drawback from the National level. A position many see as the punishment for his boss, who during the presidential primary election of the PDP for the 2023 general election in Abuja, stood in boldly for Governor Nyesom Wike, against Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the eventual winner.

Bisi Kolawole and the PDP could not hold a Grand finale and closing rally before the election proper, sitting the lack of funds. This to many seems a coordinated attempt to frustrate the victory of the candidate at the polls.

Conversely, many also believe this is the handwork of underground players of the PDP who are connected to Tinubu, to allow him to have a free ride in the 2023 general election in the southwest. To many, 2023 elections will be more of regional sentiments rather than party loyalty or candidate preference.

Asiwaju will enjoy the vote of the West due to the outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari who is from the North, it is a guiding thought that power should return to the South, to allow for balancing and a sense of belonging by federating units. 

Bisi Kolawole picked Kolapo Kolade as his running mate a choice seen by party faithful as the right choice. Bisi Kolawole also enjoys the support of the youth, market women, and the elderly.

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Segun Oni

Hails from Ifaki - Ekiti, Ekiti North Senatorial District, he was a former Governor, lose his reelection bid, and again set to be at the poll, with the hope of winning the election.

Olusegun Oni is an astute politician in the state, many say of him that real development in Ekiti state came in through him, and second to his developmental stride is the Fayose-led administration. But he has failed to return to the coveted seat after being ousted in 2010 by the incumbent Kayode Fayemi.

Segun Oni has not been too consistent with party affairs, he is known to be so quick to change political party at any loss, he is a foremost member of the People's Democratic Party, and from there he decamped to the All progressive congress, and now in the Social Democratic Party. 

Inconsistency to party choice may shrink his chances of winning at the poll, many believe he will come a distant third. His campaign has been said to lack logistics and coordination. 

In the early hours of the election, mischief-makers put out a signed copy of his withdrawal from the election, owing to a lack of funds to put up the fight to clinch the seat, thereby stepping down for the PDP candidate.

See Letter:

Segun Oni like other aspirants enjoys the support base of the youth, market women, and the elderly.

Segun Oni picked Otunba Ladi Owolabi as his running mate.

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Concluding, the election proper will begin, candidates will be accredited and set to vote, and the eventual winner announced by the appropriate channel put in place by the Independent national electoral commission, INEC.

Ps: Election is not a do-or-die affair, vote wisely!

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